Angstrom - Keyboard doesn't work!

Have changed the title, so it reflects the current problem I am facing.

Thanks to all your replies, I have, after a little struggle, modified my Mini-B cable to make it a Mini-A cable. Now, my set up is as follows:

Beagle - USB OTG connected to a USB 2.0 powered hub through the mini-A cable. Have a USB to Ethernet adapter and USB to PS/2 adapter connected to the hub. The other ends of USB to PS/2 adapter are connected to my mouse and keyboard (both are old - PS/2, and hence the USB to PS/2 adapter).

When I boot into Angstrom, I can use my mouse to login and even browse the net - the USB to Ethernet is working fine. However, the keyboard doesn’t work.

Have checked the USB to PS/2 adapter on a different system - and the keyboard and mouse are working fine.

Anyone noticed this problem earlier?? Is there something I am missing??

Ångström (at least the version I use) gives a long list of debug
messages on the serial console port when it boots up, including what
devices the USB controller has found and what it thinks they are.
This may help you figure out why Ångström isn't finding your keyboard,
or you could post the list of messages here and someone may figure out
what's going on.


I have USB to PS2 adaptor that work well in PC but mouse is no working when connected to Beagle.
now I use USB keyboard and PS2 mouse + USB-PS2 adaptor without problem.


2009/1/4 Radha Krishna Srimanthula <>