[Angstrom Linux Random Hang]

Hello Folks,

I am observing random linux hangs and console becomes unresponsive & ip would be also unreachable. I am using arria-10 and running Angstrom linux on HPS.

:~# uname -a
Linux FS-39 4.9.78-ltsi #1 SMP Thu Dec 13 12:01:27 PST 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux

I have tried enabling all bootArgs and Kconfigs in linux which can help me to enable VMCore on system but none of them found working during kernel freeze situation.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


upgrade to debian

Did you also face this in past?

Karnik Jain

Upgrading would be huge task as we having lots of dependent kernel modules.
Also, after random cold reboots facing U-Boot hang at “DRAM : 1 GiB” line and never boots up,
Here I am wondering something to do with DDR initialization is screwed up.

For Intel/Altera support of the Arria-10 it would be better for you to use their forums/support channel…