Angstrom micro SD card support

I have two beaglebone Blacks running both are up-to-date with the latest Angstrom updates…unfortunately the micro SD card support is still a problem.

Ideally I want to use the micro SD cards for additional storage, booting from the eMMC and mounting the micro SD card, but this isn’t possible at the moment.

Ths micro SD card is formatted but if I try to boot a BBB with the SD card inserted all four LED’s come on and stay on and the board will not boot. If I boot the BBB without the micro SD card inserted, it will boot into Angstrom, but will not recognise the micro SD card when inserted.

It seems that the only way to use a micro SD card right now is to insert it before power is applied, hold down the boot button and get ithe board to boot from micro SD…Is there any ETA when this will be fixed, please ?

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I can't say for all versions, but my BBB (that was updated with BBB-eMMC-flasher-2013.05.27.img) boots nicely from SD if one is present.
There's no need to press the boot button (what's almost impossible with my big fingers anyhow).
Are you sure your SD card is properly formatted and contains the right files in the right places?

-- Bas


I want to boot from eMMC and use the SD card for additional storage, thats the problem.




If you read the messages on this list and as you say yourself, that’s not working at the moment. So either you wait until it’s fixed, or you can run from SD-card only. I was reacting on your latest statement: “It seems that the only way to use a micro SD card right now is to insert it before power is applied, hold down the boot button and get ithe board to boot from micro SD…Is there any ETA when this will be fixed, please ?” That’s simply not true. And although you can’t use the SD card when booted from eMMC, one can run from SD card like a BeagleBone white. And I think you can even use the eMMC once booted from a SD-card, but I’ve not tried that yet. – Bas

I confirm that you can use the eMMC when booted from uSD card.

ETA on this fix? ETA when talking about software in general is not exactly science. But, if you believe what TI is saying, well 4Q 2013.

We are trying to move that up, but so far, it is still 4Q 2013 when 3.8+ kernel support is provided to fix this issue


Although I have not been able to use the microSD either, I have plugged an 8 gB USB memory stick in my BBB and it found it and mounted it right away. It was formatted as FAT32 and I could use it.

I purchased a 32 gb micro USB stick and these work fine.

Very beginner question here, but how do you see that U-Boot output?

If I connect a serial terminal to the 6-pin J1 on the BBB, will I see that?


On Sunday, June 9, 2013 1:44:07 PM UTC-4, ReginK wrote in part:

I’ve just bought a BBB and found out the hard way that the microSD card is fundamentally flawed (i.e. completely invisible to the instance of Anstrom on the board). It appears you’ve known about this basic problem for nearly a month and don’t expect to have it fixed until the end of the year.
Don’t you think this important piece of information should be written in large red letters across the top of every one of your BBB web pages?
If I’d known I wouldn’t be able to use the sd card for several months I’d never have bought the product. If you want to apologise, you can send me a refund cheque for the 80 euros the board has cost me.

That is a Software issue that has yet to be fixed. It has been talked about dozens of time on this forum. It works just fine. Try booting from it and you will see that it is not fundamentally flawed

Oh, and next time do your research.

  1. Go here

  2. Type in “can’t detect SD card”

  3. Hit enter

Send an RMA request, and we will authorize for you to get a refund from wherever you purchased the board.

And know it is not important enough for bold letters. It would not have helped you anyway.


Its not that it doesn’t work at all, it does, but for now you cannot boot from the SD-Card without holding down the boot button.

I have both micro SD card and 32GB USB, I boot from eMMC and use the 32GB stick as additional storage. I don’t need to boot from microSD so its not a problem atm, but I agree things like this are frustrating. Like me you see a big two page spread in an electronics magazine pointing out all the excellent stuff about the product, but not mentioning any of the shortfalls or bits that don’t work.

But I’m very impressed with the BBB and the support thats available in the IRC chat room.

Yes you can. Just delete the MLO file from the eMMC. See the link below.


or . . .

mmcroot=/dev/mmcblk1p2 ro

Actually that wouldnt work but modification could make it work.

Uboot output is via the serial console…info on hardware required is here:
Other FTDI cables will also work, but make sure they are 3.3V (in other words don’t connect a standard DB9!!!)


Thank you, Dale.

Did you follow the Gentoo hints?

Nobody has mentioned this yet directly, though the uEnv.txt hints do indicate that you can mount your compact flash via: mount /dev/mmcblk0pX /mnt/cf
Or similar, where X is the partition number and the latter argument is your mount point. This seems to work well enough for me.