Angstrom-Narcissus Online Image Builder running OpenCV

If anyone wants to build angstrom image with opencv using narcissus,
follow these steps;

Step #1) Visit

Step #2)


  Machine: beagleboard
  Image name: your choice
  Complexity: advanced
  Release (default): 2011.03
  Base system (default): regular (task-base)
  /dev manager (default): udev
  Type of image: tar.gz
  Software manifest: no
  SDK type: simple toolchain
  SDK hostsystem (default): 32bit Intel
  User environment selection: X11
  X11 desktop environment: leave all boxes blank

Additional packages selections:

  Development packages: OpenCV headers and libs

  Additional console packages: All kernel modules

  Network related packages: NetworkManager
                                            NetworkManager GUI applet

  Platform specific packages: OMAP Display Sub System (DSS)
                                           BeagleBoard validation GUI
                                           BeagleBoard validation
GNOME image

Step #3) Click the "built me!" button and WAIT,

Step #4) Download all of the images,

Step #5) Untar the the rootfs image first, then SDK image to the
second part of the SD card

Step #6) Insert the SD card into the Beagleboard, then wait until the
finishing all configurations, it may take 30 minutes or more.

Step #7) Reboot the Beagleboard, then it is ready...

Thank you for posting this howto. narcissus is not as obvious for
making user choice selections
as some might think. I am sure others will find it useful.


I build it like you said but when i boot the beagleboard it gets stuck at done, booting the kernel. I am not getting someting on my lcd. The demo files were working fine.

I want to install latest version of opencv in Angstrom. how to do it?
can we install it externally ? using opkg install [ opencv2.4.1 folder ] command ?


I tried step #1) for link:
however on the link page it is not showing the step #2) contents…
Pls. help me to solve the issue…

I am stuk in developing angstrom build…


Swapna M