Angstrom on Beaglebone Black (Switched to Ubuntu)

I don’t know about Angstom sucking. I use angstrom and I got wifi working… I got a usb adapter with antennea. It’s still a realtek device but it’s working fine.
I got master_i2 installed and now have the i2c funtionality I need.

systemctl is the new Unix standard. Linux adopted it.

What’s great about angstom is you can get the install image to be very lean.

I don’t know about your ssh issues. I’m connected via a Mac Pro that runs macos 10.7 and OpenSuse Linux 12.2 no problem it work right away.

I’m building a robot with the controller so I disabled the HDMI port to get 20 gpio lines back.

I’ve been a Linux user/contributor since 1992. My first distro was Yggdrasil. I believe that was the first release on cdrom. even before slackware.

I think the controller at the $49.00 price point is incredible. My qwerk controller which is cirrus / spartan 3e based cost me $329.00
the beaglebone… even after you add the sensors and hbridge drivers will be less than half the price.

I think they did a great job.