Angstrom or Ubuntu on BBB

My *nix experience is limited. CentOS, RH on webservers, and a very limited exposure to Raspbian, Mint and now Angstrom.

What I’ve found is that even though they are all linux, they all have completely different ways of installing software.

Raspbian with apt-get and raspi-config, seems to be the most comprehensive. With some Googling there are a lot of answers.

Mint/Ubuntu sure makes it easy to install, and is beautiful to boot.

Now, I’m tackling Angstrom and was adding packages for openCV and it is a different world. Google finds people with the same problem and no answers. Figuring out paths for install options is hard. It’s all much harder.

So, I don’t primarily need a desktop, I want to use the GPIO on the BBB and run openCV and opensphinx (which I haven’t tried to install yet).

What real advantage does Angstrom have over something else? Like Lubuntu or Ubuntu? It seems that the BBB has a fair amount of horsepower and memory.

So, when will I see the advantages of Angstrom?

My uneducated opinion is that if you’re looking to use the BBB as a tiny linux system or server, you’re probably better off with Ubuntu. It has a very large community and lots of packages are available in the repositories.

If you’re going to be using the BBB for embedded development and use any of the GPIO or other chip peripherals, you’re better off with Angstrom as it’s the production image that comes with the board and will have the latest drivers/fixes/patches.