Angstrom + WiFi, TiWi R2 - Cannot see wlan0 interface.


I have my designed board with am355 procesor and TiWi R2 module. WiFi module is connected to MMC1. I’ve modified kernel image based on After booting up everytihing looks good - bluetooth enable, mmc interface, requesting wlan enable gpio - expect, i don’t see “loading firmware wl1271” message.

I’ve found a helpful post here by AndrewTaneGlen, so i’ve tried to follow this instructions. Because wifi is my only connection to the internet i’ve made changes in bb recipe and i’ve added

  • dhcp-client
  • linux-firmware-wl12xx
  • wireless-tools
    (i haven’t found kernel-module-wl12xx-** in opkg list)

Also i’ve changed WPA Supplicant and connman files.
Anyway, interface wlan0 isn’t working. Still i doesn’t see it after command “ifconfig”.

I’m using kernel 3.2.28.

I’ve done some research and i’ve found thah in kernel config is a place to configure loading of external firmware. I’ve made some changes but with no effect :frowning:

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