ANN: second release of 0xdroid - 0xlab's Android distribution

Hello list,

0xlab team is glad to announce the availability of second release for
0xdroid, 0xlab's Android distribution. Currently, TI OMAP SoC powered
Beagleboard is the reference hardware platform by 0xdroid. 0xlab
developers are improving the usability, performance, platform specific
tweaks, etc. The second release of 0xdroid is based on cupcake branch.

Version: beagle-cupcake-0x2
What we changed since beagle-cupcake-0x2:
  * Brand-new Home/Launcher with visual enhancement
  * New Camera HAL with performance tweaks
  * OMAP3 hardware video overlays support for OpenCORE rendering
  * Automatic video output scaling
  * Revised Audio In/Out support
  * New software cursor from android-x86
  * Volume manager supports SD/MMC and USB Mass Storage
  * Dalvik VM performance improvement
  * Memory leaks and race condition fixes
  * ARM NEON and Thumb2 optimized bionic/libcutils
  * ARM NEON optimizations for skia
  * Enable oprofile for ARMv7 architecture
  * early-stage porting for Busybox (linked to bionic) experiments
  * Adjust memory constraints to fit high resolution display
  * Introduce virtual touchscreen device on Beagleboard to satisfy
more touch-driven applications
  * experimental package management system

Detailed changelog:

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