[Announce] BeagleBone for Secret Agents

I'd like to announce that my book, BeagleBone for Secret Agents, is now
available at the publisher, Packt Publishing:

Dead-tree versions will ship soon, so I'm told.

The book is five chapters, with a self contained project in each
one. Each chapter focuses on a different privacy enhancing technology:

Chapter 1: Sets up a complete embedded IDE with Emacs[1].

Chapter 2: Build a Tor bridge and add a front panel interface to the
bridge to adjust the bandwidth usage.

Chapter 3: Explore BeagleBone capes, in particular, the
CryptoCape. Combines a Fingerprint sensor[2] with the ATmega328p on the

Chapter 4: Uses the Trusted Platform Module and a keypad to seal a GPG
on the device.

Chapter 5: IRC all the things! Use the BBB to run a IRC Gateway with
BiltBee and ZNC and configure Off-the-record messaging on each.

Happy Hacking!


[1] I consider Emacs a privacy enhancing technology. :stuck_out_tongue:
[2] Fingerprint sensors are a bit privacy-removing, but I discuss that
in the book