[Announcement] New DSP Firmware Available

Have any Beagle Board fans tried these binaries out?

I tried on the Touch Book (similar to Beagleboard) and it's not
working for me: both the ping.out test as well as gstreamer are
failing with the LCML ERROR: DSP 8000800a. For reference, I have a
working 3.x DSP bridge + gstreamer on the same card. And I have just
overwritten the DSP binaries.

I guess that we need some recompilations/patches of libomxil-ti and
the ping.out example. I think that Felipe is the mastermind/expert to
quickly debug this.

Also, it would be interesting if one of the TI guys who posted those
binaries can explain if they have successfully tested on Angstrom.

Very last, here are the lists of the various folders:




Why postprocessor.dll64P has disappeared in 4.x while it's still there
for the Android distro? What are postprocessor_dualout.dll64P and
conversions.dll64P? Why those two binaries are only in Android? Why
the binaries of 4.x differs from the ones of Android?

I hope that somebody with the knowledge can step in,


Adding the omapzoom list to this thread.

Nipuna who is on the omapzoom list can give more details on the what specific environments the binaries are test with and address your questions below.


Just FYI..
There was an interesting discussion that started up on my blog w.r.t
legal reallities:

though I really think the discussion should be moved over to
Nishanth Menon

I did, they don't work either on N900 nor beagleboard.