Any chance of non-chinese BeagleBoards?

I want to support this project but every recently BeagleBoard seems to have been produced by SEEED Studio in China. I don’t want to be political but how do you expect people to support an open source project when the money we pay is directly absorbed as tax dollars that the Chinese Communist Party uses to dick us and Internet freedom. Please move manufacturing out of China to Taiwan, Japan, Korea, or the US.

Hi @Edward_Cromwell some models are dual sourced…

from: GHI Electronics, LLC


Thank you Robert for the reply. I did look at BeagleBoard’s partners and noticed GHI Electronics. I am hoping more can be dual sourced in the future, some of the more recent boards do not seem to have a non-Chinese source. I understand there would be definite economic constraints, but I wonder what response you would get from your userbase. I would be willing to pay more for the same boards if they are produced in countries that respect civil liberty