Any disadvantage to using Ubuntu compared to Angstrom ?

Hi ,

I’m fairly new to the beagle bone platform. I planning to use this board for a project over the next 2 years and would like to know if there are any drawback to using Ubuntu compared to Angstrom. I’ve been using Ubuntu for a while and am fairly confident with the OS. I don’t know much about the angtrom distribution.

I will mainly SSH into the unit so I don’t need a GUI. I would like to use all the serial ports / SPI / I2C ports / DIOs .

What is the compatibility like with regards to interacting with the I/O / Peripheral devices compared to Angstrom .


Personally I think it is important to feel comfortable with what you’re using. So i think in this regard Ubuntu has the advantage for you. But also in the context of using cmd line, you could probably use Debian as well. Again, personally I do not have a very high opinion of Ubuntu so . . .

It couldnt hurt to use Ubuntu and see what you think of it. You can follow Robert C Nelson’, build uboot / kernel from source, and use either/or/both Debian/Ubuntu rootfs’s on uSD media. SO that you can keep Angstrom intact on the eMMC, while booting off of uSD for Debian and/or Ubuntu. You could also just use both demo images from RCN as well ( I think there are both ).

Angstrom is very very very experienced users :slight_smile:
If you want a desktop-like experience then you definitely want Ubuntu. Moreover Robert Nelson gives outstanding instructions for the embedded Ubuntu, in opposite to Angstrom that is hardly supported at all

My issue with angstrom is things are just different from the debian i
been using since the 90s

I agree with wulf. It is not as though I think Angstrom is a terrible distro. It is just that it seems to be very different from what I am used to. Passed that, documentation for many things seem to be less visible on the web compared to something like say Debian( as I am not exactly a Debian guru either, but I do know it well enough ).

I too have been using Debian since the 90’s.

From the point of vie of supported hardware …will there be any disadvantages to using Ubuntu ??

Do I2C , SPI ? Serial UART Ports (all of them simultaneously) work without issues ?


SPI is shared with the HDMI audio. So from a HW standpoint, the SPI ports would need to be configured. Issues can exist based on features of the board and whether you as a user determine how they need to be used.

It is not a simple question of whether or not a particular distribution works are not.