Any nice solution ot power 10x BeagleBone Black boards?


I have 10 beaglebone black boards and would like to put them nicely in stack… I am looking for a PSU or a solution to power these boards. I didn’t found anything nice though.

I’m looking for a solution/recommendation now…

  1. Are there any kind of PowerPlug with adapter where I can put 10 wires and feed it to boards?
  2. Or may be just to buy a USB Hub with 10 ports that has external power supply and use it just to power the boards?

I hope you’ve got what I’m looking for… :slight_smile: Let me know if it’s still unclear.


You’d be better off using the DC Plugs to power the Beagleboards, get a nice big brick and split the power out.

I believe power can also be administered over the headers.

10 bbb= 10a ±
Look 10a 5v adafruit or ebay and you could find. But i think you must make the plugs. You can find ±20 buck power supply