Any other way to install the Android OS on the BeagleBone Black?

I have been trying to use Linux via VirtualBox to install the operating system, but the installation is being really tough. There has to be another way to install the Android OS on BeagleBone Black? Could I write the image file onto the Black on a Windows OS?

What do to Android people suggest? Typically it boots from an SD card. I doubt they have mastered the flashing of the eMMC. But they may have.


The arowboat people haven't responded, but they did say they were
making a build for the BeagleBone Black. When that comes out I will
try installing it again.

I had heard that as well, but I have yet to see anything from them.


Couldn't I just convert the .tar.gz file to .img via 7zip and then
write it to the microSD?

I suppose so. Should not be hard to try it.