Any upcoming Debian 10 buster rework? How about console images?


For context - I’m preparing a batch of some BBB compatible devices and I’d love to install the same Debian version on them over the next few years. Buster seems like a forward-looking choice, as the state of Debian 10 itself seems good enough to me.

Is there a development plan for Debian 10 (buster) on beaglebone? Specifically, is there any significant rework planned (apart from the upstream package updates) to kernel 4.14, uboot or devicetrees which would shake compatibility with the current state of buster? If not, I’d merrily plop down buster on my devices starting now.

Second question - I’m looking for a buster “console” image without the various iot, cloud9, nodejs packages and couldn’t find any in Robert’s repository. Is that on purpose? I have been apt-get purging the “iot” image, but I’d feel warm and fuzzy with an image where they are not present in the first place.