Any way of showing full HD pictures?

Hello, I just bought BeagleBone Black and found out that it doesn’t support full HD which is very bad for me since I need to display full HD pictures. Is there any way to show full HD pictures via this device? It says it has 3D graphics accelerator, can I use OpenGL or a game library like SDL to show full HD pictures? Also, somebody mentioned that it cannot show 24 bit color is that true? I don’t need to show a video or something, just pictures.

It will do 1920x1080@24fps.

It is 16b color.

The SGX is not yet ported to the 3.8 kernel DRM driver.


Since we will show still pictures, 24 FPS would be fine for us. Though since we will show photography, color is very important for us.

Thank you very much.

24b color is possible, but you would need to add it externally using an add-on board…