Any ways to copy software/programs into the root partition of linux distro?


i am just wondering is there a way for me to copy a file/folder into the root partition of the SDcard running ubuntu and then compile it in the command line to run the program inside the folder? or do i still have to use the wget method .

Problem i am facing currently is,i have to copy a software package into the ubuntu and run it in Beagleboard classic. I also would like to do it without using network/wifi.

If anyone has experience with copying files into the sd card to run in linux,please do help me out! Thanks



  1. ssh
  2. put the card into a SD card reader, connect to PC running Linux and cp
  3. others


ive been trying 2) but rather im unsuccessful as i have to mount the sd card…den unmount…its confusing…moreover i am trying to port a program from host to target…do i have to cross-compile before i bring over…im really confused at this point…