anyone built a cluster?

Have there been any parallel processing or cluster building projects with the bbb yet?

Do you really need a parallel on ARM ?
I would like have an iMX6Q (actually I have ).

I have two BBB’s and I was looking at using corosync and pacemaker to cluster them, but having downloaded the source and spent a few days trying to build it without errors I decided to write my own.

Both corosync and pacemaker are very large projects. My own solution which works well is in comparison very small. The application I’m writing uses a mysql database. The mysql servers have been configured for High Availability Multi-Master on both BBB’s. I then added a table that hold’s the IP configurations, one fixed IP for each BBB and a floating IP that is used to represent the cluster.

My application then takes care of assigning the floating IP to one of the BBB’s, if one fails the other takes over with the floating IP within seconds. It works really well.

an intel i7 = 100 beagles

In my case its not about speed, its about reliability, cover and cost of the solution…1x i7 and everything that goes with it probably costs the same as 20 beagles.

May want to read up on Mr. Trahay’s work with Odroid-U2’s:

to get an idea of how the 4-core cpu’s fared in a 24-core (6 U2’s) cluster. Interesting effort…

May want to contact him to see if his sources are available for testing with a BBB-cluster.