Anyone Using the Special Computing Rev C Clear Case?

I just got my Beagle about an hour ago, and also a Revision C Clear Case from Special Computing. Does anyone have a closeup photo showing how the Beagle is mounted inside the case?

I guess I can start checking out the board late tonight and over the next few days.


Bob Cochran

Nylon screws.

It is so cool!

The box is cut so close that it is just a press fit.

Buy two.

- dan

I haven't got a photo, recently when I tried downloading some files from
my camera it failed, reckon it needs the battery recharged.
It's quite easy though - it just slots together.
1. Mount the board on the 4 standoffs with the long nylon screws
sticking upwards and use 4 nuts to secure it on the standoffs.
2. Slot the sides in with regards to where the beagleboard's connectors
3. Slot the top cover (top and bottom are interchangeable) over the long
srews protruding at the top and secure with the other 4 nuts - it forms
a solid structure. I haven't bothered to trim back the excess on the screws.

I couldn't fit the serial adapter I robbed from an old PC as the cable
is too long and bulky to go into the case, so I plugged it in and the
lead hangs out the mounting hole for serial connector.
Hope this helps.
73 ... Sid.