Apache, MySQL and Floating Point performance comparison (ARM versus x86)


I have recently published a paper with a comparison of Apache
webserver (static pages), MySQL and Floating performance running on
BeagleBoard-XM, PandaBoard, Atom, Turion and Xeon. There are graphs
showing power usage for each device, the performance per Watt, and
also server's response latency (an indicative of quality of service).

Unfortunately the article must be purchased :frowning: (publisher rules), but
seems like they allow me to publish a free version of the manuscript
before editorial corrections. I am checking that...

Anyway, the most interesting part, which are the graphs can be seem
here for free:


HTTP Comparison:

MySQL Comparison:

Floating point comparison:

PS.: Sorry for indirect cross-posting, as I sent this same message to
PandaBoard mailing list