apache2 install problems

Hi, I'm trying to install Apache2 on my BeagleBone, opkg would not
install it, kept saying (amongst other things), "Unknown package
'apache2' "
I found a .ipk for apache2, copied it to the root on the 'bone and
pointed opkg to it. It seemed to install ok, but at the end I got:-

* pkg_get_installed_files: Failed to open
//var/lib/opkg/info/perl-module-pluggable.pm.lists: No such file or

Sure enough, when I looked there was no such file. Should I be
worried? and will apache2 still run ok?

I have run opkg upgrade (overnight- it took a while) and opkg update,
and this solved the problem with installing samba, but I still got the
error when trying to install apache2.

Once again, any assistance to solve these errors will be gratefully received