API support for Beaglebone Blue Week-2

It’s been a tough week(Testing the kernel drivers :-P) for me and following is the report:

  1. Tested the kernel drivers for MPU-9150, BMP180 and TI-eQEP sensors. Tough luck as none of them seems to be responding with the 4.4 kernel drivers. I made the overlays for all of the above mentioned sensors. You can get them from the project repo here.

  2. Since the cape sensors are not responding(not sure if the strawson IMU is dead because I tested the strawson cape on Beablebone debian image 7.9 and kernel 3.8 with Robotics cape installer package and everything except IMU is responding properly. Check the error message here: , I purchased MPU-6050 and BMP 180 sensors and check how they are responding with the kernel driver. For the TI-eQEP encoder, it worked perfectly when tested with the Robotics cape installer.

  3. Found the invesense patchset for the MPU devices and ran them on the current inv-mpu6050 sensor. Tough luck even here as many hunks failed miserably. May be the patchset is not for 4.4.

  4. Created a Wiki page in the official repo and updated the blog. For a quick reference in whats where, the wiki consists of pages containing information like the specifications, running, testing etc. the hardware devices. The blog consists of the weekly progress, my ideas, bug fixing and so on. The links for all these can be found in the elinux page here.