API Support for Beaglebone Blue Week-3

Going as per schedule. Following are the things which I have done this week:

  1. Got the patchset referred by jic23 and applied to the 4.4 kernel.

  2. Kernel built with all the device drivers. Made the bb_blue_defconfig with all the additional changes and compiled.

  3. Also built(not completely) DMP support for MPU devices which can be used for the bb_blue APIs. This is on a different repository which can be checked here.

  4. APIs for LEDs and Buttons written and built. The LED APIs are tested with the onboard red and green LEDs and the button APIs are tested with Mode and Pause buttons. Worked perfectly!!

  5. Individual device tree overlays made for different peripherals. Can be used for testing the individual devices.

  6. Configured the repository with travis-ci and added the Makefile. Documentation for the code and wiki pages added. Current repository can be checked here.