apparently, some pages need updating

assuming that is, these days, the main portal to BBB
stuff, a couple observations (and now that i have more time, i can
invest some of it doing some of the cleanup myself), if one surfs over
to, and follows links to the BBB "official wiki page" here:

down under "software resources":

one reads:

"Debian Beta Image

We will be moving to Debian when we release the rev C. You can flash
that on your board today by going to Debian Beta and downloading the
flasher image. Feedback on any issues found is greatly appreciated."

  that does seem a wee bit out of date. also, the most up-to-date page for debian on the BBB seems to be this one:

but, oddly, absolutely nothing seems to link to it.

  there's also the beaglebone community page here:

but that hasn't been updated since oct 2014 so it's not clear how
useful it is.

  i've run across a few other pages that seem out of date but i'll
look at the more carefully.


I apologize. While you have been away I have been a little busy.

I will see if I can clean it up a little bit for you.