Apps showing on server using SSH -X

I have been able to use SSH -X to successfully connect into the BBB from my Mint Machine, until 3 days ago. Now, after signing in to SSH etc, using something like nautilus & brings up nautilus on the server (BBB) not the client (Mint PC).
Any idea why?
I do have an HDMI monitor connected while getting used to the BBB, but that has been from the start (about a month?) and apps opened on client before.

THrough trial and error, I found a partial answer:
Only certain programs are able to be x11forwarded with the SSH -X or -V command
So far, I found: pcmanfm (file manager) which I had as default in RPi’s and installed on BBB

I have not been able to find a list of BBB or debian XFCE prgrams which are able to be used with x11forarding. If anyone knows of such a list, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

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