Archlinux 3.16 kernel no acpi

It appears the 3.16 Archlinux kernel does not have acpi turned on and the power button is not working. Also a system shutdown does not turn off the power led as it did in prior kernels. Anyone have any info on this? Will this be supported in the future? I want to be able to gracefully power down with the power button.

On "v3.15.x" with patches (1/2/3) i can get everything but the main
power led to turn off..




on my v3.16.x it doesn't even do that..



Do you know who the point of contact is for the archlinux kernel on the Black? I am assuming this works fine in Debian? Have you used this kernel yet in Debian?

Their github, IRC, site, forums would all probably be good starting places.

OK so my understanding is that this works with patches on 3.15 but not 3.16??? I need stable USB which I think was fixed in 3.13 ??? Were there significant changes past 3.13 that effected the power down? What version works right but also includes the usb fixes?