Arduino-Shield accessible with Beaglebone?


at Watterott I found this nice gem:

, It is an Arduino Shield.

Since I am very interested in shortwave and radio I ask myself
wether it is possible to drive that shield with my beaglebone.
I know that this no "Plug'n'Play" solution...on the other hand
should not become a "Plug'n'Pay" or "Plug'n'Pray" solution.

"Everything" I can do with software is ok. But I dont like to add
clustered stacks of level shifters, bus drivers, IO-multiplexers etc
only to get this gem shining.

Unfortunately I have no experience with the Arduinos and its friends.

Is it possible to described above ?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!

Best regards,

yes you ought be able to get this working if wired to the beaglebone. looks like control, tuning, etc is over i2c and the chip runs fine at 3v3. sparkfun has the software programming guide, datasheet, and schematic.


Schematics make it look like it's a 3.3V powered board with a serial interface and some control bits.
Shouldn't be too hard to connect: Couple of wires and a bit of software ; )

-- Bas