Are cape sockets standard Arduino ?

Would this :

fit … ?

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Would this :

fit ....... ?

  Short answer: NO!

  Longer answer: Depending upon how many and what type of I/O pins are
needed, you might be able to wire a jumper cable to go from that board to a
BeagleBone configuration.

  However, classic Arduino (Uno, Mega) are 5V processors -- the Beagle is
a 3.3V device -- you might need to provide level shifters on the I/O lines
if this board requires 5V I/O.

  Of note:

"The ATSAM2695 chip that does all the work is hooked up to the serial
transmit (TX) line of the microcontroller; making music is as easy as
sending a set of MIDI-formatted bytes to a software serial port on pin 4."

implies this is an output only device using a serial port for control (even
shows both Rx and Tx pins in the set-up). Question then is: what bit rate
for serial port? Original MIDI (1980s) used an odd 31250bps 8N1 serial
format, which often required custom hardware for use with most computers of
the day (the Amiga serial port had native MIDI support, so only needed
RS-232 <> DIN connector adapter). indicates that the Arduino
serial port can be set to MIDI rate. The Arduino library for this board
appears to configure the serial port for 31250bps 8N1. Whether the Beagle
can be set to such a rate is not immediately clear from
(looks like 48000000 / 16 / 96 => 31250, so should be viable and exact)