Are the Power Consumptions of the same version BeagleBoards different?

Hello, I have four BeagleBoards. Two are B6 and the others are B5.

I found the power consumption of them are different. Can anyone
explain this situation?

My experiment is to boot the BeagleBoard and stay in the U-Boot
console. No SD card in. No OS. Only connect the RS232.

My experimental data:

BeagleBoard U-Boot 3.2 V
B6 1.3.3 0.33 A
B5 1.3.3 0.28 A
B5 1.3.3 0.4 A
B6 1.3.3 0.42 A

There were no changes made from B5 to B6 that would inherently affect the power numbers. They will vary based on several factors, including the POP memory and the Processor. If you are running from a 3.2V source, that is well below specification. The 3.3V regulator for example will have trouble getting 3.3V from a 3.2V source. The TFP410 may or may not power up, which could result in a 100mA current delta. The 400mA range is closer to correct. On the 280mA number, it sound like the TFP410 may not be all the way up.

Bottom line is that at 3.2V, that is out of the range of operation for the board and the results cannot be guaranteed as we do not test the board of operation at 3.2V.