Are there designs for 4 & 5 wire touch using the BBone AM3359 Touch Screen Controller?


I have read through the posts and can not find an answer.
I am making a BBone cape with 4 wire and 5 wire touch screen interfaces.
I would like to know if designs are available (HW and Angstrom drivers) using the built in A/D and the BBone AM3359 Touch Screen Controller or is smarter to add a controller.


We have a 7" LCD and a 3.5" LCD that support the A/D inputs on the AM3359 processor as well as the I2C based version. I am not sure what the current SW supports, but the designs are done.


Where do we find details on the 3.5" LCD? I can't find this display


Are these designs viewable somewhere software and hardware?

The 3.5" is not yet in production and is still being checked out and SW written. Once they are in production, the files will be psoted.