Are Windows Driver Signings Going to be Updated?

The Window’s drivers haven’t been install-able without turning off sign checking for several months. I have a number of machines that I can’t do that on due to IT policy. Is there going to be an updated installer with updated signings?!category-topic/beagleboard/beaglebone-black/JvklF3O5mHs

Unfortunately, the workaround isn't a workaround for everyone. IT departments can block these settings, and in fact they can be locked at the UEFI level requiring changes to UEFI settings that require a password. So, in the case I described, only signed drives will work (or convincing an IT department to change their policy). No amount of fiddling with bcdedit will work.

Updated 4 days ago:

(and if you run: sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade on your beagle,
the flash drive *.img already has those updates)


I would take your IT manager or sys admin out to lunch to Appleby’s or Olive Garden and get to know him/her. This is a human issue not a technical one IMO.