Are you a student with a cool beagle demo already planning to be at Maker's Faire?

I am looking for cool student demos for the booth at Maker Faire 5/19-20 in the Bay Area. We will have a special table for university student demos. You can work our booth for a few hours and then enjoy the faire.
If you are planning to be in the bay area that weekend, have a cool demo to show off using beagleboard, beagleboardXM or beaglebone, please contact cathy wicks at and apply for a spot in the line up.
PLease include your full contact information, a desciption of your demo, your positions at the university and a link to a video if possible.
thanks so much - looking forward to reviewing your entries and picking some lucky winners.

best regards,
Cathy Wicks
TI University Program
beagle fan