arecord return error pcm_read(1629) [ubuntu 10.04]

Hi all,

I 've notice that omap3beagle audio input device doesn't works with
Ubuntu 10.04 (console only image).
When try to record using arecord command it returns error
pcm_read(1629). Same with SOX rec command (it returns device busy, but
really is not busy).
None of the system logs reports anything about it, I don't know how to
make it work..

Some help, please?

alsamixer let me configure capture device properly!

I would install strace and use it to find out what syscalls fail. It
may be as simple as wrong permissions on a device node somewhere.

I don't use Ubuntu on the beagle but arecord and jack both work for me
with Angstrom 2010.7 (and 2010.3) so the device and at least some
kernels are definitely capable of doing audio capture.

Thank you (strace looks a 'very very great' tool),

the problem is at alsamixer config. It has to be enabled the "Analog
Left AUXL" and "Analog Left AUXR". It comes disabled by default.

Richard, one doubt: Is possible to use Angstrom demo image for
commercial purposes???

Angstrom is covered by its own software licenses. This is mostly GPL
with some BSD, MPL and others. I believe the best answer is: yes you
can sell a product based on Angstrom - but you must also abide by
*all* the license terms, such as providing the complete source code
and build system to end users who request these under the terms of the
license. The same answer applies to Ubuntu.

Please research software licensing before going further. eg.

If you sell a product based on Free Software, please consider donating
some of the proceeds to worthy Free Software projects. Thousands of
developers donate their time and sometimes it's nice to get some cash
for your efforts.

Re: the mixer settings. I think the Angstrom kernel comes with these
enabled by default. There is a twl4030 alsa driver patch in the recipe
for this.

Thanks Richard,