connman grumble !$!$%$%^&^&*^&*(*&(^&%

sudo apt-get remove connman

i prefer to use whats new
seems that this is where things are going
i will deal with it but i don't have to like it

connman is great on my laptop, all the network stuff works
automagically;-). But on an embedded system??? (headless?) this stuff
make absolutely no sense. Not everything novel is good for

I agree on a BB(B):
apt-get remove --purge connman

I have a feeling why it is in the image. Having to do with “support”. Meaning: if it just works, no need to deal with 500 posts on the groups over the same issue over, and over and . . .

if you do remove connman
make sure you add a static in interfaces before you remove it :stuck_out_tongue:

also do not forget . . .

auto ethX

Otherwise your interface probably will not come up automatically. Right wulf ? heh