Arm-Eabi-4.4.0 prebuilt binary toolchain

Chaps and chapesses,

From TI- Android- FroYo- DevKit- V2 UserGuide:

- To build software components using sources require "ARM cross
compiler tool chain".
- The ARM tool chain can be downloaded from Android pre-built
repository. Tool Chain [6]

Reference [6] URL is;a=tree;f=linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.0;h=0f1763c115040381493278dde810a69e4bc37a76;hb=HEAD

Git says "cannot fetch branches" or similar message. What can I do to

PS. I can't use Gingerbread because I get the message that it doesn't
build on x32 platforms only x64 and to use FroYo. So far, this has
been a two month exercise in FRUSTRATION just to get USB keyboard and
mouse working. It's starting to make me fume about open systems.


  If you want to port android froyo on Beagleboard-xm rev B use the
following link.

    In this main page search for /prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/ to
know the arm toolchain.If you using Beagleboard-xm rev C then add the
kernel patches,the patches are given in this link.