ARM RealView Toolchain

I have access to 30-day Trial Editions of the ARM RealView toolchain
which has a great instruction set simulator.

It's free to BeagleBoard hobbyists, but you'll need to pay for
shipping. Note that I have to pass on your name and contact
information to ARM as part of my agreement with them which allows me
to do this.

Bill Mar
Special Computing

Does the ISS support ARMv7-A?


The ARM ISS must support ARMv7-A as part of the NEON instuction set
support. You're welcome to get a copy to try out for yourself to see
how good that support really is.

I'm putting together a virtual/hybrid simulation environment of the
BeagleBoard to help with various code optimization experiments.
Perhaps you can help in this effort.

Bill Mar

Because Beagle uses Linux, there are a few interworking issues, so you
need to read the Apps Note 178

I suggest starting with gcc first then moving performance critical
parts to RVDS to get the best code quality.

PS. you can also get it from ARM: see