- Arts Installation - IR sensor working with GPIO

I’m starting digital artist working on IR project at the moment. I was hoping you could advice me a bit as you are expert for Beagle Bone.
I have design music application in Unity 3D. It reacts to 24 different keyboard inputs. Now I was hoping to be able to control it remotely.

I was trying to make I arts installation that would use remote controllers sending signals to receivers connected to different GPIOS on the Beagle Bone.

Receiver would get binary IR signal and send it to Beagle Bone GPIO. Beagle Bone would change it to key input and send it to main Computer as key input.

I’m really confused where to start. I have basic understanding in Java, C Sharp or Java Script but I’m hitting the wall here with programming it.
I’m using:

I was also planning to use 8 chanel GPIO adaptor if Beagle bone would be to difficult(http://numato.com/8-channel-usb-gpio-module)

But I just don’t know how to get binary to the string so I can make computer to react.

I will highly appreciate your advice
Best Stan

this sounds great. i need some of these sensors working too. did you ever get any help or success?



That’s a real old post, but the project sounds really intriguing! I’ve done binary to string conversions before, but not in Java.

I’d have to depend on my imaginary BFF to find my answers: http://bit.ly/1k5yYo9