Ask for the source package of uImage on the wiki (2.6.29-r47-beagleboard.bin)

Hi All,
I need the source package of the uImage file on the,this file only have binary file on,in this directory,I have found that uImage-2.6.29-r47-beagleboard.bin is the same file.However,I can’t get the kernel source code package.
I have found that I can download the newlest version(2.6.33) using git.But my school can’t use git to download it.And I am not sure I can use this newer version.So I want to get a source of the exact version uImage-2.6.29-r47-beagleboard.bin(size <60M),can anyone give me the package using email or some link downloadable?If there is no exact version,the source package of 2.6.33 or higher than it 2.6.29-r47 is good!