Assembly operating system on beaglebone black

I was wondering if there was any way of writing my own operating system in assembly on a beaglebone black. I know that this is possible on a raspberry pi, but I like the many IO pins that beaglebone has to offer. So is there any way to do this or do I have to just stick to python, etc.

I will be always here waiting for you . …

I’ve never written an OS in assembly, but I once mopped my floor with a toothbrush…

I would say no, you can not write an OS in assembly. It can be done, but you’re not ready.

There is also no reason to technically write you own OS if all you want to do is do some things. uboot can be made to load / run an executable.

Spend some time reading online, then perhaps someday you’ll be ready for the “dragon book”.

I'd echo the sentiment of other comments, but if your goal is to learn
about operating systems, it might be interesting for you to try to
port xv6 unix [1] to the Beaglebone. The xv6 code is short and quite
understandable. I haven't looked at the status of the ARM port of xv6,
so it could still be some work. Please post if you are successful.



Err yeah I mentioned the dragon book which is a book on compilers . . . so not related.

Sorry about that.