Audio and Wifi disabled for Beagle board Xm

Hi ,

I am using Android ICS source from below link.

I have built the source code and ported images on BB-Xm.

Following features are not enable in my build.

  1. Audio is disable.

When I connect BB-Xm board to TV using HDMI, audio is not present. It is disables.

  1. Wifi is disabled.

Could you please suggest to enable the Audo and Wifi on Beagle Board.

Thanks in advance,



BeagleBoard-xM idoes not have HDMI. There is no audio on a DVI-D interface. Feel free to take a look at the System Reference Manual for more detail. Audio comes out of the audio connectors.

There is no WIFI on the board either unless you have added that yourself. Then you would need to add support for that in your ICS instalaltion.