Audio & Calibration Chipsee Issue

After installing Debian Jessie 8.4 into the BeagleBone Black, and making the proper configuration, desktop environment is shown into Chipsee screen.

But there are two different issues, audio and calibration, where we need your help to solve them.

  1. Calibration Issue:

Touch panel detects every push I made, but it only works on the low half-right part of the screen. The rest of the screen detects the pushes but they are acting “wherever they want”.
For example, if I want to open the Home Menu, to push on the Home Button, I have to push into the low middle part of the screen, not on over the Home Button.
Also, the top of the screen is not available to be pushed with touches, I need to plug a mouse. And that is not what I’m looking for with a touch screen.

  • Even when I create the ‘99-calibration.conf’ file at ‘/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/’, the touch panel does not work well. How can I modify this behaviour in order to have the whole screen available?
  1. Audio Issue:
    At boot, audio is muted, but after volume it up, I try to reproduce any sound with ‘speaker-test’ tool, but no sound is played. Could you help us to configure the audio driver? Or maybe selecting the proper audio output?