Audio Cape with Beaglebone Black


I am about to jump over from an unsuccessful attempt to use Pandaboard and buy a BeagleBone. I’d like to buy a BeagleBone Black, but having read through this thread, I’m a little concerned about audio, especially since audio development will be my main focus (and I need working audio in and out). There are so many posts in this thread that I’ve kind of lost track of the basic status of compatibility with the audio cape (particularly the audio-only cape). Can someone summarize where we are today with regards to the following questions:

  1. Are there Linux versions for BBB which run without issue with the audio only cape (
  2. For Linux versions for BBB which may require tweaking to get the audio cape to run, can the onboard HDMI still be used for video out?
  3. What experience have people had with USB audio boxes. I don’t need a cheap USB audio box, I just need it to work. A friend of mine reports success with this approach on BeagleBone White.
  4. To what extent do problems with the audio cape and/or USB audio exist on the BeagleBone White. (If they don’t exist on the White, I can buy a White and move to the Black later on when the problems are solved).

Thanks for any help! I will help me decide which board to order.

  • Andy