Audio Cape with LCD4 on BBB


I know there is an Audio Cape but this seem to be made for the BB White.
Does anyone know if there is an audio cape in the works which is compatible with the BBB?
And then, will it be compatible to use with capes like the LCD4 or LCD7?

Would be really nice to have audio and video…

Sorry if this has been asked already.

Currently running both Angstrom and Android 4.2.2


That board works with the BBB, but you have to disable the Audio on the BBB for it to work.

It is compatible with those LCDs. If you plan to use both, then disable the HDMI. That has been discussed many times in the forum.


I think hardware-wise, the LCD and Audio capes are compatible. However, there are still some issues software side. Check out this thread for an example. The software thinks there is a pin conflict, when all that pin connects to on both boards is an LED. As a result, the beaglebone does not load the second cape’s firmware. Check out this thread for details on how to try fixing it (I believe there are even more threads concerning this problem). I also want to use those two capes, and have yet been unable to do so. Admittedly I have not kept up on the subject and it is possible that by now the problem has been fixed. However, as of about a month ago there were several people having issues related to cape conflicts on the software side of things. I have seen a claim that fixed the problem by recompiling the whole kernel, but I think that shouldn’t have to be required as I thought the nice thing about the ‘cape’ concept was that you were supposed to be able to basically plug them in (after setting the dip switches), reboot, and they would work. As a piece of hardware, capes seem to be pretty easy to get working (just plug it in). It would be nice (in an ideal world) if the software worked just as easily. I know they’ve been making good progress but it seems there’s still a ways to go.