audio cape

Beware of electronics engineers programming <--- LOL

I read on the lists about not being able to load the audio cape dtbo on
I disabled the onboard HDMI in Uboot
I tried with failure just to see if the audio cape will load

Apr 20 16:59:56 beaglebone kernel: [ 149.758497] bone_capemgr
bone_capemgr: part_number 'BB-BONE-AUDI-02', version 'N/A'
Apr 20 16:59:56 beaglebone kernel: [ 149.766308] bone_capemgr
bone_capemgr: slot #4: override
Apr 20 16:59:56 beaglebone kernel: [ 149.771655] bone_capemgr
bone_capemgr: Using override eeprom data at slot 4
Apr 20 16:59:56 beaglebone kernel: [ 149.778697] bone_capemgr
bone_capemgr: slot #4: 'Override Board Name,00A0,Override

nothing shows as loaded

debian@beaglebone:~$ cat /sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr/slots
0: PF---- -1
1: PF---- -1
2: PF---- -1
3: PF---- -1

I have a project that will eventually use the mcasp0 and am trying to
write an overlay to set all pins
so i figured i would try to set the mcasp0 pins and it fails

I also have a tough time just setting random GPIO pins which i cant
quite figure out

so far i can get the UART1, UART4, UART5 and I2C1 loaded correctly from
one file

now its just GPIO pins and the mcasp0

this is the snippit of the gpio stuff that dont work, rest of file below
removed for clarity

                      mygpio0_pins_default: mygpio0_pins_default {
                              pinctrl-single,pins = <
                                      0x150 ( PIN_INPUT | MUX_MODE7 ) /*
(A17) spi0_sclk.gpio0[2] */
                                      0x154 ( PIN_INPUT | MUX_MODE7 ) /*
(B17) spi0_d0.gpio0[3] */
                                      0x164 ( PIN_INPUT | MUX_MODE7 ) /*
(C18) eCAP0_in_PWM0_out.gpio0[7] */
                                      0x20 ( PIN_INPUT | MUX_MODE7 ) /*
(U10) gpmc_ad8.gpio0[22] */
                                      0x24 ( PIN_INPUT | MUX_MODE7 ) /*
(T10) gpmc_ad9.gpio0[23] */
                                      0x28 ( PIN_INPUT | MUX_MODE7 ) /*
(T11) gpmc_ad10.gpio0[26] */
                                      0x2c ( PIN_INPUT | MUX_MODE7 ) /*
(U12) gpmc_ad11.gpio0[27] */

      fragment@5 {
              target = <&mygpio0>;
              __overlay__ {
                      status = "okay";
                      pinctrl-names = "default";
                      pinctrl-0 = <&mygpio0_pins_default>;

even with ALL the GPIO pins commented out the cape does not load even
though overlay compiles correctly
you would think that since no pins are being set the uarts and i2ci but
would be set.

any help would be appreciated

I have it working (to some degree) on 4.4.7-bone-rt-r9. I had to change the boot DTB to not include the edma fix, and to set the mcasp clk (it doesn't work if you set it in the overlay, not sure why. There's a thread about it somewhere).

Ok so i cant get the mcasp0 going for now. Its only important in the
future. Still as per the code below i cant even get
GPIO pins to set. I am sure i am doing something wrong but i am at a
loss to see it.