audio capture problems using Audio Cape Rev A1 with BBB

Hello all,

I’m trying to get audio recording working and I am not having much luck.

I am using Robert C Nelson’s 3.17.0-rc7-bone4 kernel on the BBB with the Audio Cape Rev A1. I have the headphone jack from my laptop hooked up to the Audio In jack on the Audio Cape, and am attempting to record with arecord -t wav -c 2 44100 -f S16_LE -v k. However, I just get silence. I’m not sure what alsamixer settings I should be adjusting or how to troubleshoot…

Playback works beautifully, just need to get recording working.

Thanks in advance!

  • Chris

Update: got recording working after rebooting, it is just very quiet. Any advice?



Which alsamixer channels should I be looking at? There’s dozens of them…

Wait. I believe Audio In at the cape means Line In, while your laptop gives the output for headphones. These two input/output are not compatible