Audio on Beagle Board: Satellite CCRMA

Hi everyone,

Satellite CCRMA promotes rapid prototyping of new media. Used by
artists and engineers alike, Satellite CCRMA integrates together open-
source software and hardware projects. Most importantly, it comes with
examples that make it possible for new users to get up and running
within a matter of minutes.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have used the Beagle
Board for teaching a class in sound art design. Below, you will find
some demo videos. The students were a mix of undergraduates and
master's students, some in engineering and some in liberal arts.

Also, we have released the SD card image and some additional help
information on these websites. The SD card comes with many audio
software packages pre-installed, and several which I compiled myself
because they were not available with apt-get for arm.

Some notable things:
- Students were able to use multichannel audio over USB with the
device SIIG IC-710112 USB Soundwave 7.1 Digital audio (they used
four channels, I didn't get feedback from them as to whether all eight
channels worked)
- Students were able to use the Wiimote
- Students used a USB video webcam as input to the Beagle Board (they
sonified the images of water)
- Students were able to do motor control

Edgar Berdahl

Stanford University

Sound Flinger (by Chris Carlson, Hunter McCurry, and Eli Marschner)

Tüb (by Marc Evans, Bjoeorn Erlach, and Mike Wilson)

Daft Datum (by Rosie Cima, Ravi Kondapalli, and Ben-Zhen Sung)

Quadrofeelia (by Jiffer Harriman, Mike Repper, Linden Melvin, and
Locky Casey)

Guitar Effects Stompbox (by Edgar Berdahl)

PS. I have an xM image that works, but I will try to wait until the
support is a little bit more mature. The xM image is using a rather
old version of the kernel to get audio working, but then I suspect
that some of the other peripherals aren't working because the kernel
is so old.

I look forward to trying this out on my beagleboard-Xm please do let
the group know when this is better supported. Or you could make the
image you have available and get some debugging help from the

The CCRMA has done great work getting sophisticated audio working on
the desktop, I hope this project will help bring the same expertise to
the beagleboard.