Audio problem with kernel version 2.6.29-r35

Hi all,

It is very difficult and odd thing to say Audiio is not working for me on beagle for kernel version of 2.6.29-r35.
I have compiled OE kernel with bitbake.
But unfortunately I am unable to get audio on beagle board.
I also tried playing raw pcm files…

cat beep.pcm > /dev/dsp.

Also tried this by changing board and headphones.

Can somebody tell me where to look into for resolution.

I agree that this might be working in this version but unfortunately not for me.

Any guiding pointer will do.

Thanks and Regards,

Finally I agree that there is no problem with audio in kernel.
I just changed Headst gain settings using alsamixer and everything is working fine.
Thanks to IRC channel members who always helped me in finding answers.

Thanks and Regards,