auto execute a a simple python script on the BBB

After purchasing the book “Getting Started with Beaglebone” I purchased a


Going through the chapters I generated a simple script ( and wanted to use the example

in the book on having that script auto execute whenever the BBB is restarted or rebooted.

It did not work, But executing systemctl start blink.service does work. This makes me think

all of the setup to use the systemctl is ok.

I have included the below text that represents how systemctl start blink.service is edited:

[Unit] client









I am new to this type of forum and would also like to know if this is the proper way to post

this issue and also how can I view any post I have submitted.

I did look at the suggested post but there seem to be only a couple and none of the responses

seemed to address my quest to get the simple script to work in the way I was hoping for.