Automatic Uboot, linux kernel & rootfs update & recovery if beagle bone bricks

Dear Beaglebone Community,

As am newbie to software update & recovery feature of bricked beaglebone black in uboot , linux kernel & rootfs
As am trying to implement Software update feature on ti-sdk-am335x-evm- BSPs for beaglebone black ie., automatic software updates of uboot linux kernel & rootfs & automatic recovery of uboot linux kernel & rootfs by having multiple copies of uboot kernel & rootfs if beagle bone bricks

Could anybody please let me know how to implement this feature in uboot kernel & rootfs or if this feature is already in place, please let me know any pointers related to this software update & recovery feature

As am stuck with this from few days please let me know how to come up this feature

Awaiting for your replies.
Many Thanks in advance,
Srinivasan S