autonomous boat project

We are hoping to use the beaglebone black on a project with 10 small autonomous boats with about 1 Watt-hour lot of onboard battery power (mostly used for propulsion). We need to stream audio data up to 30 kHz from each boat via local wifi and also send instructions to the propulsion units on the boat. If anyone has ideas, experience, or references on how to get started or the suitability of the beaglebone black for this project, we would be most grateful. We have funding and would love to collaborate with anyone on this project.


1watt-hr seems very less power !!!


The BBB needs 2 W (= ~400 mA @ 5 V), so maximum run-time without propulsion is about 30 min (based on 1 Wh onboard battery).

Anyway, this video (2 min) may give you an idea of the posibilities and the way to get there.


Anyway you are using 100Whr, so no issues on power. You said there will be 10 bots right, I’ve implemented 3 bot system using beaglebone black, you can come up with specific doubts where I can help you with my limited experience.